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all in all with every factor taken into account; in general.
Álvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca a Spanish explorer who, after landing on the cape of Florida in 1528 and being stranded in the Gulf coast region for 8 years, published an account of his survival and interaction with the native peoples under the title "La relación" (1542) (b.1490?--d.1557?).
anecdote a brief account of a notable or humorous incident.
ATM card a plastic card that enables the holder to access an automated teller machine to obtain cash drawn from or charged against a bank account.
balance to calculate the difference between the credits and debits of (an account). [1/8 definitions]
bank2 to have an account or other dealings with a bank. [1/6 definitions]
bank statement a document that shows all the transactions that have occurred during a specific period of time in a bank account, esp. a periodic statement compiled by a bank for an account holder.
bargain for take into account; expect.
because of on account of; by reason of.
biography an account, usu. written, of the facts and circumstances of one person's life. [1/3 definitions]
bounce (informal) of a check or draft, to be sent back by a bank because of insufficient funds in the account from which it was drawn. [1/10 definitions]
charge to make a debit to an account. [2/22 definitions]
charge account a business arrangement between a buyer and seller in which the seller allows the buyer to charge purchases to an account, for which he or she will be billed later.
check written instructions, usu. on a printed form, to a bank to pay money from an account. [1/19 definitions]
checkbook a booklet of blank forms that can be used to pay out money from a bank account.
chronicle an account of events arranged according to the order in which those events took place. [1/2 definitions]
Cinderella story an account of a person, athletic team, or the like that achieves sudden, inexplicable success.
consider take into account; keep in mind. [1/7 definitions]
consideration a factor that must be taken into account in making a decision. [1/3 definitions]
considering in view of; taking into account. [2 definitions]
consult to take into account; consider. [1/4 definitions]