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accusatory being or containing an accusation.
accusing consisting of or characterized by accusation; accusatory.
acquit to clear (someone) of a charge or accusation, as in a court of law. [1/3 definitions]
charge an accusation or indictment against someone. [1/22 definitions]
counteraccusation combined form of accusation.
countercharge a charge or accusation made in retaliation against an accuser. [1/4 definitions]
denounce to bring a formal accusation against; accuse. [1/3 definitions]
denunciation a formal accusation of criminality, esp. in front of a public prosecutor. [1/2 definitions]
gravamen in law, the essential part of a complaint or accusation, which usu. weighs most heavily against the accused.
indictment a formal written accusation presented by a grand jury to a court for prosecution of a serious crime. [2/3 definitions]
recriminate to react to an accusation with a countercharge. [2 definitions]
recrimination an accusation made in response to being accused by another, or the act of countering one accusation with another.
reproachful expressing or full of reproach or accusation.
self-accusation combined form of accusation.
smear a usu. unfounded accusation or charge designed to damage someone's reputation; defamation. [1/9 definitions]
trump up to devise or fabricate dishonestly (an accusation, rumor, or the like).
vindicate to free from an accusation, suspicion, or doubt by indisputable proof. [1/2 definitions]