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-ability capacity or fitness for (such) a state, use, or action.
-able capable or worthy of being the object of (such) an action. [2/3 definitions]
-ably in a manner that indicates the capability of or tendency toward performing, or being the object of, (such) an action.
account a statement of the causes or reasons behind some action, event, or phenomenon. [2/15 definitions]
achievement something successfully carried through, esp. through bold or brave action or thought. [1/2 definitions]
actionable providing legitimate grounds for legal action.
actionless combined form of action.
activate to initiate action in; make active. [1/5 definitions]
active in grammar, designating the voice or form of a verb whose subject acts through the verb, rather than being the object of the verb's action, such as "signed" in "Five petitioners signed the document". (Cf. passive.) [1/6 definitions]
actively in a way that involves making an effort, taking action, or participating; not passively.
activity energetic action. [1/4 definitions]
actuate to put into action or set in motion; cause to operate. [2 definitions]
adduction the action of a muscle that adducts. [2/3 definitions]
-ade1 action or process. [3/4 definitions]
advertising the business, profession, or action of creating and distributing advertisements. [1/2 definitions]
advice remarks or an opinion offered as help in making a decision or in choosing a course of action; counsel.
aerate to expose to the circulation or chemical action of air in order to ventilate or cleanse. [1/3 definitions]
-age action; process; the result of such. [1/5 definitions]
aggression unprovoked hostile action against a country by another's military forces. [2/3 definitions]
aggressive characterized by hostility in action. [1/2 definitions]
agreement an arrangement that determines a course of action to be followed by all parties to a transaction, or a document that describes this arrangement. [1/5 definitions]