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abandon to stop pursuing (an activity, goal, or the like); give up; relinquish. [1/6 definitions]
abstinence the denial of satisfaction of one's appetites, esp. the appetite for certain foods, drugs, or sexual activity. [1/2 definitions]
abuzz filled with conversation or activity. [1/2 definitions]
accelerate to cause (a particular activity or process) to happen faster. [1/4 definitions]
accounting the profession, system, or activity of recording and maintaining the records of financial transactions of individuals or businesses.
actinism the property of radiation that produces chemical activity.
action vigorous activity. [1/8 definitions]
ado excited activity; fuss.
amateur one who pursues an activity or is devoted to a study purely for intrinsic reward rather than monetary gain. [2/5 definitions]
amorous generally inclined to feeling romantic love, or inclined at a particular time to engage in romantic or sexual activity. [1/2 definitions]
amphetamine a drug that stimulates the central nervous system, depressing appetite and heightening activity.
animated full of activity, spirit, or excitement. [1/3 definitions]
a piece of the action (informal) a share of profits, or of some activity.
apostolate the office, duties, mission, or term of activity of an apostle, or, esp., of the pope as head of the Apostolic See in the Roman Catholic Church.
arena a sphere of activity or conflict. [1/4 definitions]
atmospherics (used with a sing. verb) static in radio reception caused by atmospheric electrical activity. [2 definitions]
beading the activity of using beads to create decorative products. [1/4 definitions]
beehive a place of great activity. [1/2 definitions]
beta blocker any of a class of drugs that inhibit the absorption of adrenalin and the activity of the autonomic nervous system, and are used to control the heartbeat and relieve angina and hypertension.
bitter end the end or conclusion of an unpleasant process, situation, or activity (usu. prec. by the). [1/2 definitions]
blue in the face exhausted from excessive effort or activity.