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actuality (often pl.) actual facts or circumstances. [1/2 definitions]
Aesop an actual or legendary Greek writer of fables (620?-560? B.C.).
backdate to mark with a date that is prior to the actual date; predate.
boomerang to return to or adversely affect the originator, as an actual boomerang or as a scheme that backfires. [1/3 definitions]
case1 things in reality; what is actual or true. [1/9 definitions]
concrete existing as something solid or tangible; actual; real. [1/10 definitions]
cost-plus the sum of the actual costs of manufacture and a previously fixed profit. [1/2 definitions]
cover story (informal) a fictitious identity, purpose, or the like used to provide a plausible explanation for and conceal one's actual activities; alibi. [1/2 definitions]
credibility gap an apparent disagreement between purported and actual facts. [1/2 definitions]
de facto actual, esp. as opposed to what is believed to be the case or what is formally acknowledged. [1/3 definitions]
drivetrain the assembly that transmits an engine's rotary motion to the actual means of propulsion such as a propeller or wheel.
educationist a person specializing in the methods and theories of teaching or education, often one considered to be out of touch with the actual practice of teaching.
eponym an actual or mythical person whose name is the source of the name of a city, nation, era, or the like.
face value the actual value printed or stamped on the front of money, bonds, stock, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
fictionalize to make fiction out of (actual events or people).
for real (informal) real or really; actual or actually.
high of great actual or potential force or power. [1/14 definitions]
Homer an actual or legendary Greek poet (about the eighth century B.C.).
honest-to-goodness (informal) true; actual; authentic.
hot war actual military combat; open warfare. (Cf. cold war.)
in effigy using an effigy or replica of someone, rather than the actual person.