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acclimatize to acclimate; adapt.
accommodate to make suited; adapt. [1/6 definitions]
adjust to change or adapt. [2/5 definitions]
arrange to adapt (a piece of music) for a particular style of performance or for particular players. [1/4 definitions]
assimilate to adapt and conform. [1/8 definitions]
classicize to make, adapt, or alter (something) in imitation of a classical style.
English to adapt the pronunciation or spelling of to English; anglicize. [1/7 definitions]
ergonomics (used with a sing. verb) the study of how to adapt machines or work space to human needs.
fashion to make suitable; adapt. [1/6 definitions]
gear to suit or adapt to particular people or conditions. [1/8 definitions]
metricize to change into or adapt to the metric system.
mobilize to assemble, organize, or adapt (industries, supplies, facilities, or the like) for immediate use or service in times of war or states of emergency. [1/4 definitions]
modulate to adjust or adapt to a particular measure or proportion. [1/6 definitions]
naturalize to cause to adapt to a new environment. [1/4 definitions]
quadrate to cause to adapt or conform. [1/5 definitions]
readjust to adapt oneself anew. [1/2 definitions]
recycle to reuse or adapt to a new use. [1/3 definitions]
specialize in biology, to change in order to adapt to a specific environment. [2/4 definitions]
survival of the fittest in biology, the evolutionary principle that only the forms of plants or animals best suited to or most easily able to adapt to existing conditions will survive, while other less suited forms will become extinct. (See natural selection.)
tailor to fashion or adapt for a particular need, purpose, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
transcribe to adapt by translation into another language. [2/4 definitions]