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adoptable combined form of adopt.
affiliate to accept or adopt as a close associate, esp. as a subordinate member or branch. [1/4 definitions]
automate to use or adopt a system that uses automatic devices. [1/3 definitions]
citify to accustom to city life; cause to adopt urban manners and styles.
convert to adopt new and fundamentally different beliefs or attitudes, esp. religious or political. [1/5 definitions]
grasp to quickly attempt to contrive or adopt (often followed by "for"). [1/9 definitions]
Grecize to adopt Greek manners, styles, or customs. [1/3 definitions]
make a face to adopt an annoyed, repulsed, or intentionally silly and comical expression on one's face.
preach to advocate publicly; urge others to adopt or accept. [1/4 definitions]
readopt combined form of adopt.
settle down to adopt a quieter and more stable lifestyle. [1/2 definitions]
steal to adopt (words or ideas) as one's own without acknowledging the true source. [1/10 definitions]
wear to adopt, display, or alter one's appearance by. [1/15 definitions]