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advance man an agent or aide who takes care of publicity, security, and other arrangements in advance of the appearance of a politician, theater group, or the like.
aforethought planned or thought of in advance; premeditated.
ahead in front of; in advance of. [1/6 definitions]
anticipant arriving or taking action in advance. [2/3 definitions]
anticipate to expect and prepare for in advance. [2/3 definitions]
base on balls in baseball, an advance to first base taken by a batter to whom four balls have been pitched. (See walk.)
before in advance of in time; previous to. [2/8 definitions]
beforehand in advance; at a previous time; earlier.
bespeak to arrange for or reserve in advance. [1/2 definitions]
bridgehead a position held on the enemy's side of a river or the like by a small advance troop, in order to protect the main attacking force.
buffet1 to advance by force against adversity. [1/4 definitions]
bushwhack to advance through a forest by cutting away low vegetation. [1/2 definitions]
creep to enter or advance unnoticed. [1/12 definitions]
crowfoot an iron ball with four projecting spikes, designed to obstruct the advance of enemy cavalry and vehicles; caltrop. [1/2 definitions]
debouch to advance out of a confined or narrow space such as a canyon into open country. [1/4 definitions]
deliberate thought out in advance; carefully considered; premeditated. [1/5 definitions]
demand deposit a bank deposit that can be withdrawn with no advance notice.
destine to ordain in advance or fix on a particular course, as by fate or divine will. [1/2 definitions]
develop to bring out the potential of; advance to a more complete or more effective condition. [2/10 definitions]
DEW line a line of radar stations, located along the seventieth parallel in Canada and the United States, that provides advance notice of approaching hostile aircraft or missiles (acronym for "distant early warning").
discount to lend or advance money on (commercial paper payable in the future) with interest deducted in advance. [3/11 definitions]