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affirmable combined form of affirm.
asseverate to declare with solemnity and earnestness; affirm.
aver to assert to be true; affirm.
avouch to affirm or state strongly; acknowledge. [1/3 definitions]
avow to assert or affirm. [1/2 definitions]
certificate to attest to or affirm by certificate. [1/6 definitions]
certify to affirm the accuracy or certainty of, esp. in a formal manner; confirm. [2/5 definitions]
profess to acknowledge openly; affirm. [1/7 definitions]
protest to earnestly declare or affirm. [1/7 definitions]
reaffirm combined form of affirm.
substantiate to make stronger; affirm. [1/3 definitions]
swear to vow, declare, or affirm in the name of a deity or in the presence of a sacred object. [2/9 definitions]
testify to state or affirm as fact or truth, esp. under oath. [1/6 definitions]
uphold to support or affirm, esp. in the face of a challenge. [1/2 definitions]
vouch to affirm or certify someone or something to be true, truthful, genuine, or correct (usu. fol. by for). [1/3 definitions]