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clean bill of health (informal) an affirmation of satisfactory condition, qualification, or the like.
Negritude (sometimes l.c.) an awareness by blacks of their historical and cultural heritage, and an ideological affirmation of its value.
positive marked by or showing affirmation. [1/13 definitions]
positively used to indicate strong or absolute affirmation. [1/3 definitions]
profession an affirmation of faith in a religion. [1/4 definitions]
reaffirmation combined form of affirmation.
self-affirmation combined form of affirmation.
testify to make a solemn declaration or affirmation, esp. under oath. [1/6 definitions]
yea yes (used to indicate affirmation or agreement). [1/5 definitions]
yes it is as you say or ask (used to express affirmation or agreement). [1/6 definitions]