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Aegean of or pertaining to the culture of the inhabitants of this region during the Bronze Age. [1/3 definitions]
age-appropriate suitable or proper for a person of a particular, specified age.
aged of or relating to old age. [3/5 definitions]
ageism discrimination on the basis of age, esp. against the elderly or middle-aged.
agelong lasting for an age or ages.
agemate one of approximately the same age as another; contemporary; peer.
age of consent the age at which a person, usu. female, is legally considered to be competent to consent to sexual relations, used as a standard in determining whether statutory rape has occurred.
age of majority the age at which a person is granted by law the rights and responsibilities of an adult, such as liability under contract and the right to sue.
autumnal beyond middle age; in the first stages of decline. [1/2 definitions]
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy's adulthood and the assumption of his religious duties, usu. occurring at the age of thirteen. (Cf. bat mitzvah.) [1/2 definitions]
bat mitzvah in the Jewish faith, a ceremony in which it is recognized that a girl has come of age to accept her religious responsibilities. [2 definitions]
beat-up (informal) in poor or damaged condition because of age or hard use; in disrepair; shabby.
bracket a classification or grouping of people who share some characteristic such as age or amount of income. [1/7 definitions]
broken-down weak or shattered from disease or age.
Bronze Age the stage or level of development of human culture that followed the Stone Age and was characterized by the use of bronze tools and weapons; about 3,500 B.C. to 1,000 B.C.
carbon-date to determine the approximate age of (materials containing carbon, such as fossils) according to the residue of carbon 14 that is present.
carbon dating a way of approximating the age of an archaeological object by measuring the amount of carbon 14 in it.
centenarian relating to or having lived to the age of one hundred. [2 definitions]
child labor the full-time employment of children under a minimum age specified by law.
coeval someone or something of the same age as another. [1/2 definitions]
color phase one of two or more specific colorings, determined by age or season, that are assumed by certain animals. [1/2 definitions]