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ablative1 denoting a grammatical case in some inflected languages that indicates direction or place, time, manner, or agency. [1/3 definitions]
account executive in a company such as an advertising agency, a person responsible for managing one or more clients' accounts and often for securing new accounts.
agent a manager or employee at an agency. [1/5 definitions]
bar1 to exclude, especially by an agency or person in authority. [1/13 definitions]
big brother (sometimes cap.) a man who befriends and guides a disadvantaged boy, often under the auspices of a social agency. [1/3 definitions]
billing (often pl.) the total amount of business done, as by an advertising agency, in a specified period of time. [1/3 definitions]
Bureau of Labor Statistics a research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects and compiles statistical information, providing such measures as Consumer Price Index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.
caseload the number of cases assigned, as to a social worker or parole officer, or handled, as by a court or welfare agency, at one time or during a specified period.
causality a force, quality, or agency that acts as a cause. [1/3 definitions]
CIA abbreviation of "Central Intelligence Agency," a U.S. agency of the federal government that oversees intelligence operations outside of the country.
client one who is subject to the assistance of a government or private welfare agency, esp. by virtue of being poor. [1/3 definitions]
dealership a sales agency authorized to sell a particular product in a particular area.
director one person, or one of a committee of persons, who guides the affairs of a corporation, association, agency, or other organization. [1/3 definitions]
easement in law, a relaxation of or exception to real property laws, as to allow a person or agency a right of way through another's property, or to allow a person or agency to build a structure not normally permitted. [1/3 definitions]
EPA abbreviation of "Environmental Protection Agency."
estate agency (chiefly British) a business that manages the purchase, sale, or lease of houses and other property; real estate agency.
FBI abbreviation of "Federal Bureau of Investigation," a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.
FCC abbreviation of "Federal Communications Commission," a U.S. agency whose duty is to regulate the various communications industries including telephone, radio and television, and satellites.
FDA abbreviation of "Food and Drug Administration," a federal government agency that regulates the food, drug, medical device, and cosmetics industries to ensure public safety.
FDIC abbreviation of "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation," a U.S. governmental agency that insures deposits in member commercial banks up to a certain amount to protect the public against a bank's failure, and can act to prevent a bank's failure.
Federal Bureau of Investigation a U.S. agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of federal criminal law.