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abet to incite, encourage, or aid, esp. in wrongdoing.
airfoil any aircraft part or surface, such as a wing or rudder, designed to utilize aircurrents to aid in propelling, lifting, and controlling movement.
appeal a sincere and earnest request or plea, usu. for aid or sympathy. [1/7 definitions]
applicant one who applies for something such as a job, college admission, or financial aid.
assist to give support or aid to. [2/5 definitions]
assistance the act of giving aid or support. [2 definitions]
assistant a person who gives help, aid, or assistance. [1/2 definitions]
astringent a cosmetic aid, used after washing the face to contract the pores. [1/4 definitions]
autarky a national policy of economic self-sufficiency, involving not relying on economic aid or on imports. [1/2 definitions]
bailout a providing of financial aid, usu. by a government to a failing company or institution. [1/3 definitions]
barehanded without any sort of aid in hand, such as a weapon or tool. [1/2 definitions]
barium sulfate an opaque insoluble white powder that is used as a pigment in paints and a filler for plastics and textiles, and is swallowed as a diagnostic aid in x-ray examination of the stomach and intestines.
barre a long horizontal handrail mounted in ballet studios as an aid for dancers performing various exercises.
Basic English a copyrighted, simplified version of the English language, limited to 850 necessary words and a few grammatical rules, and used esp. as an international communication aid.
behalf support; aid (preceded by " in" or "on" and followed by "of"). [1/2 definitions]
beholden indebted for favors or material aid; obligated.
benefit an object, service, or sum of money that enhances well-being; aid. [1/5 definitions]
biofeedback a method for self-regulation of presumably involuntary bodily functions, such as heartbeat rate, with the aid of electronic monitors that display visual representations of such functions.
bionic (informal) capable of superhuman effort or endurance through, or as if through, the aid of such devices. [1/3 definitions]
blow-dry to dry or arrange (the hair) with the aid of an electrical hand-held air blower. [1/2 definitions]
boost something that provides aid or encouragement. [1/6 definitions]