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agile quick in mind; alert. [1/2 definitions]
APB a general bulletin or alert sent to many law-enforcement agencies; all-points bulletin.
awake keenly aware; alert. [1/6 definitions]
bleary-eyed not alert; not perceptive. [1/2 definitions]
clearheaded possessing an alert, perceptive, wide-awake mind.
comatose not alert or lively; lethargic. [1/2 definitions]
flag1 to signal or alert, esp. to stop, using or as if using a flag (sometimes fol. by down). [1/3 definitions]
fore2 in golf, used as a warning to alert those who may be in the path of a golf ball that is about to be driven.
have one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
hyperalert combined form of alert.
keep one's wits about one to stay alert and watchful.
live wire (informal) a lively, alert, and energetic person. [1/2 definitions]
observant watching carefully; alert; attentive. [1/2 definitions]
on guard alert and prepared.
on one's toes (informal) alert and ready to respond or act.
on the ball alert to one's surroundings; aware. [1/2 definitions]
on the qui vive on the lookout; alert; watchful.
overalert combined form of alert.
quick-witted mentally quick and alert.
reveille a call sounded early in the morning to waken or alert people, esp. a bugle call for troops to assemble.
sharp mentally quick; alert. [1/13 definitions]