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abandon to allow (oneself) to be taken over completely by emotions or impulses. [1/6 definitions]
admit to accept or allow as valid; concede. [1/4 definitions]
age to cause or allow to grow old. [1/11 definitions]
air-dry to allow to dry by the process of evaporation into the air rather than by the use of an appliance. [1/2 definitions]
ASCII abbreviation of "American Standard Code for Information Interchange," originally, a standard code using numbers to represent characters used in writing English, allowing textual data to be transferred between computers. ASCII has been expanded to allow character sets from other languages to be similarly encoded.
at-large election an election in which every voter can vote for candidates to fill any and all vacant positions in a representative body. Unlike a single-member election, in which people can vote only for candidates who represent their particular legislative district, at-large elections allow every person to vote on each vacant position within a governing body.
automatism automatic, mechanical, or involuntary action, as in the operation of many bodily organs, in the actions of one not in conscious control, such as a sleepwalker, or in the suspension of conscious control so as to allow subconscious expression, as in art. [1/2 definitions]
bail1 to secure or allow the release of (a person under arrest) by providing bail (often fol. by "out"). [1/5 definitions]
Br.1 abbreviation of "Bridge," a structure that extends a road, path, or other route over an obstacle such as a river or railway, to allow for continuous travel (used as part of a proper name).
breathe to allow air to flow through. [2/10 definitions]
bridge1 a structure that extends a road, path, or other route over an obstacle such as a river or railway, to allow for continuous travel. [1/6 definitions]
bus stop a point along a bus route where the bus will stop to allow passengers to board or exit.
colostomy a surgical opening cut into the colon to allow excretion, usu. made when the rectum is blocked or after surgery for colon cancer.
conduct to allow passage through or along, as of heat or electricity. [1/10 definitions]
countenance to allow, approve, or tolerate. [1/4 definitions]
cut to allow cutting or being cut. [1/25 definitions]
defrost to cause or allow (frozen food) to thaw. [1/3 definitions]
derailleur a device on some bicycles that moves the chain onto various gears in order to allow easier or more difficult pedaling.
diffuse to cause or allow to flow out and spread freely. [1/9 definitions]
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject. [1/2 definitions]
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [1/4 definitions]