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allomorph any of several alternate structural forms of the same chemical compound; paramorph. [1/2 definitions]
alt.1 abbreviation of "alternate," one authorized to act in place of another; substitute.
backup an alternate, substitute, or copy kept in reserve. [1/4 definitions]
boustrophedon an ancient method of writing in which the words run in opposite directions on alternate lines.
byname an alternate but secondary name for an individual or thing. [1/2 definitions]
crawl a swimming stroke in which the body is prone with the face down, the feet do a flutter kick, and the arms alternate in overhead strokes. [1/7 definitions]
every other each alternate; every second (one).
Ganesha alternate spelling of Ganesh.
gros de Londres (often l.c.) a lightweight ribbed silk fabric on which the ribs alternate between wide and narrow or between colors.
hybrid a car or other vehicle with an engine that can run on two different fuels, usually gasoline and electricity, and can alternate between them. [1/5 definitions]
hybrid car a car with an engine that can run on two different fuels, usually gasoline and electricity, and can alternate between them.
interchange to alternate positions or change places. [1/5 definitions]
interlinear having such insertions, as a text in one language printed in lines that alternate with the lines of its translation. [1/2 definitions]
paradiddle a pattern of beats, esp. on a snare drum, in which the right and left drumsticks alternate single strokes, followed by two beats of the right, followed by a reversal of this pattern.
platoon in sports, to use alternate players in a particular position. [2/6 definitions]
relay two or more people or crews that alternate with or follow each other in carrying out a task or running a race. [1/5 definitions]
rotate to progress according to a cycle of succeeding events; alternate. [1/5 definitions]
sardonyx an onyx in which bands of sard alternate with a white chalcedony, used as a gemstone in cameos and the like.
short-circuit to disrupt an electrical circuit, usu. accidentally, by providing a low-resistance alternate path for current, often resulting in sparks or electrical damage. [1/3 definitions]
short circuit a usu. inadvertent low-resistance alternate path for an electrical current, often resulting in damage.
shunt to provide or divert (electric current) along an alternate path by a low-resistance connection between two points in a circuit. [1/10 definitions]