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breaststroke a swimming stroke in which the body is prone with the face down, the arms simultaneously pull down and back, and the legs do a frog kick in alternation with the arm movement.
gametophyte the sexual, gamete-bearing form of a plant that undergoes the alternation of generations. (Cf. sporophyte.)
manic-depressive denoting or suffering from a psychological disorder characterized by periodic alternation between high excitement and severe depression. [1/2 definitions]
ottava rima a poetic stanza of eight lines, the first six rhyming in alternation and the last two rhyming with each other.
reciprocate to move forward and backward in alternation. [1/4 definitions]
sporophyte in a plant that undergoes alternation of generations, the form that is produced by a fertilized egg and in turn produces spores. (Cf. gametophyte.)
trill a rapid tremulous alternation of one musical tone with an adjacent whole or half tone; vibrato; tremolo. [1/5 definitions]
undulation a wavelike motion or alternation. [1/3 definitions]
vicissitude a change, variation, or alternation of states or things during a course of time, often a lifetime. [1/3 definitions]