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blood racial or national ancestral stock. [2/7 definitions]
exogamy in biology, reproduction resulting from the union of two gametes from different ancestral backgrounds. [1/2 definitions]
generation a level or single step in an ancestral hierarchy. [1/4 definitions]
kachina among the Hopi Indians, any of various minor deities or ancestral spirits, or a doll, dancer, or dancer's mask representing such a spirit.
monogenesis the theory that all living organisms are descended from one ancestral pair or from one cell. [1/2 definitions]
motherland one's native or ancestral country.
root1 (often pl.) familial, ancestral, or ethnic background. [1/10 definitions]
stock ancestral background; lineage. [1/17 definitions]
totem a natural object or living thing, such as an animal, that is taken as the symbol of a family or clan because of a supposed close relationship or ancestral connection with it. [1/2 definitions]