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Abominable Snowman a large manlike animal covered with hair, said to live in the Himalayas; yeti.
adipose of, resembling, or pertaining to animal fat; fatty. [2 definitions]
adopt to become by law a parent of (a child who is not one's own offspring), or to accept responsibility for an animal as a pet. [1/3 definitions]
adult a mature animal or plant. [1/6 definitions]
adventive not native to or fully established in a locale or environment, as a plant or animal. [2 definitions]
afterbirth the placenta and fetal membranes expelled from the uterus after the birth of a human or animal.
aggressor a person, group, animal, or nation that starts aggression against another.
albino an animal or human that has a congenital lack of pigmentation resulting in abnormally pale skin and hair and pink eyes, or a plant that similarly lacks pigmentation.
albumin any of a class of proteins soluble in water and coagulating in heat, found in egg white, blood, milk, and various plant and animal tissues.
ammonite2 a nitrogenous mixture that consists mainly of dried animal fats, used as a fertilizer.
anatomical of or pertaining to the structure of a plant or animal. [1/2 definitions]
anatomize to dissect (a plant or animal) in order to examine in detail the structure or location of various parts. [1/2 definitions]
animal cracker a small cookie or cracker baked in any of various animal shapes.
animality the essential characteristics or nature of an animal. [3 definitions]
animalize to make (someone or something) be or resemble an animal or brute or animal matter.
animate of or pertaining to animal life. [1/8 definitions]
antelope leather made from the hide of this animal. [1/3 definitions]
anthropomorphism the attribution of human qualities to a god, animal, or object.
antimere either of the corresponding parts that can be the result of dividing an animal symmetrically.
aquatic an aquatic plant or animal. [1/4 definitions]
arouse to awaken (a person or animal) from sleep. [1/4 definitions]