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Angelus a bell rung to announce the time of this prayer. [1/2 definitions]
annunciate to announce.
call to announce or order as (a meeting, election, or the like). [1/22 definitions]
check in chess, used to announce the fact that the king of one's opponent is under attack. [1/19 definitions]
chime to ring out, play, or announce (music, hours, signals, and the like), as a bell or bells. [1/8 definitions]
cuckoo clock a clock that conceals a mechanical bird that pops out of a little door to announce the hour with sounds resembling the cry of a cuckoo.
death bell a bell sounded to announce a death.
declare to proclaim or formally announce (the fact of something happening or existing). [1/7 definitions]
denounce to announce the ending or repudiation of (a treaty or the like). [1/3 definitions]
herald to announce or symbolize the approach of; proclaim. [1/4 definitions]
peal to sound or announce, as by ringing of bells. [1/5 definitions]
post1 to publicly announce, as on a poster or placard. [1/4 definitions]
preannounce combined form of announce.
predict to announce the coming of (a future event) based on particular evidence or inference. [1/3 definitions]
presto used to announce the accomplishment of something marvelous, as by a magician. [1/5 definitions]
proclaim to announce or declare officially or publicly. [1/2 definitions]
pronounce to announce that a specified condition is true of. [1/7 definitions]
prophesy to announce as a prophecy. [1/5 definitions]
signal to express, direct, or announce with a signal. [1/8 definitions]
sound1 to announce with or as if with a sound. [1/11 definitions]
threaten to announce as an action that one might take, such action being considered one that would have an adverse effect on others. [1/5 definitions]