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apprehend to be anxious or fearful about (a future event). [1/4 definitions]
disquiet to make anxious or uneasy; disturb; worry. [1/2 definitions]
ease to become less painful, difficult, or anxious. [1/11 definitions]
on edge nervous or anxious; full of worry. [1/2 definitions]
on pins and needles highly excited, nervous, or anxious, esp. in anticipation of something; filled with suspense.
overanxious combined form of anxious.
tremulous timid, anxious, or fearful. [1/3 definitions]
twitter an anxious or agitated state. [1/7 definitions]
unconcerned not worried or anxious; nonchalant or serene. [1/2 definitions]
worry to feel anxious or troubled; fret. [3/9 definitions]
worrying making one feel anxious and concerned about something bad that is happening or might happen.