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apartment building a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment house.
apartment house a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment building.
apt. abbreviation of "apartment," a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
cliff dweller (informal) a person who lives in a many-storied urban apartment house. [1/2 definitions]
concierge a person who serves as doorkeeper and janitor for an apartment building, esp. in France.
condo (informal) an individually owned apartment; condominium.
condominium an apartment complex in which each apartment is privately owned, or such an apartment itself. [1/2 definitions]
cooperative an apartment house in which the tenants own their individual apartments. [1/4 definitions]
doorbell a bell, buzzer, or other signal at an outside door, as of a house or apartment, sounded to gain admission.
doorman one whose job is to tend the entrance of an apartment house, hotel, or other building, and to assist residents or guests.
duplex an apartment with rooms on two levels. [1/3 definitions]
duplex apartment an apartment that has rooms on two stories.
efficiency apartment a small, sometimes furnished apartment usu. containing one large room with a kitchenette and an attached bathroom.
flat2 (chiefly British) a group of connected rooms forming a residence on one floor; apartment.
garden apartment an apartment building or apartment set in a landscaped area.
garret a room or apartment in an attic, esp. such a room that has a sloping roof. [1/2 definitions]
home the physical structure of a residence; house or apartment. [1/16 definitions]
housemate one who shares a house, apartment, or the like with another who is not a family member.
penthouse an apartment or other dwelling situated on the top floor or roof of a usu. tall building. [1/3 definitions]
pied--terre (French) an apartment or other dwelling kept permanently but used only occasionally as needed.
railroad flat an apartment in which the rooms are arranged in a row resembling a line of railroad cars, with no connecting corridor or hallway.