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bon mot a particularly apt or witty word or expression.
eloquent fluent, apt, and persuasive, as a speaker or a speech. [1/2 definitions]
felicitous well-suited or apt; very appropriate. [1/2 definitions]
inapt not apt or appropriate. [1/2 definitions]
intrusive bothersome and unwelcome; intruding or apt to intrude.
rubber-stamp apt to give perfunctory approval without long consideration or thought. [1/3 definitions]
shivery1 causing or apt to cause trembling or shaking, as from cold or fear. [1/2 definitions]
snappish apt to speak impatiently or sharply; irritable. [2 definitions]
unselfish apt to share with or sacrifice for others; generous.
weak apt to fail or collapse under pressure; not sturdy. [1/7 definitions]
well-spoken expressed in a way that is appropriate to the subject, audience, or occasion; apt. [1/3 definitions]
wiggly jerking or twisting from side to side, or apt to do so. [1/2 definitions]