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air the peculiar character, manner, bearing, or aspect of a person or thing. [1/8 definitions]
alter ego a second self or another aspect of oneself. [1/2 definitions]
angle1 a side or aspect of something. [1/10 definitions]
animal pertaining to the physical rather than the mental or spiritual aspect of humans. [1/5 definitions]
appearance outward show or aspect; seeming. [1/4 definitions]
civic responsibility a particular responsibility or duty deemed an important aspect of being a productive and contributing citizen of a community or country. Ideas about what constitutes one's civic responsibilities vary but often include such things as obeying laws, voting in elections, respecting the rights of others, and performing public service.
color the visible aspect of an object, other than form or size, that depends on the hue, chroma, or brightness of light that it reflects or emits. [1/11 definitions]
detail a small item; specific aspect; particular. [2/7 definitions]
dimension aspect. [1/5 definitions]
face a prominent surface or aspect. [1/11 definitions]
facet an angle, aspect, or phase, as of a problem or situation. [1/4 definitions]
fine print the part of a document, such as a contract or policy, that is set apart from the rest by smaller type, or is deliberately written to obscure some possibly disadvantageous aspect.
flesh the physical aspect of human beings, as opposed to the spiritual. [2/9 definitions]
flip side an opposite or contrasting quality or aspect. [1/2 definitions]
grace any aspect of one's bearing, personality, or talents that reveals beauty, harmony, or charm. [1/10 definitions]
heresy a religious belief or doctrine not in keeping with the established doctrine of a church, esp. the rejection of or dissent from any aspect of Roman Catholic Church dogma by a baptized church member. [1/3 definitions]
identical alike in almost every aspect; very similar. [1/3 definitions]
idiosyncrasy a particular aspect of an individual's physiology, esp. an allergy or susceptibility to a drug. [1/2 definitions]
infinitive in grammar, the form of a verb that is unmarked for person, tense, or aspect, and that functions as a noun, adjective, or complement, such as "to leave" in "To leave now would be a mistake". [1/2 definitions]
inhospitable of a place or climate, not offering shelter or a favorable condition or aspect; barren; forbidding. [1/2 definitions]
intricacy the state of being complex and involved in construction or aspect. [1/2 definitions]