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AB2 abbreviation of "Assembly Bill," in the U.S., a proposed law in consideration by a state assembly.
agora1 a public square used as a marketplace and place of assembly in ancient Greece. [2 definitions]
assemblage a collection or gathering of people or things; assembly. [1/4 definitions]
assemblyman a male member of a legislative assembly.
assemblywoman a female member of a legislative assembly.
boule1 an advisory council of elders or legislative assembly in ancient Greece. [1/2 definitions]
Bundestag the lower house of the federal assembly of Germany, whose members are chosen by popular election.
casino a room or building for public assembly or entertainment, esp. gambling games. [1/3 definitions]
chamber an official reception room or meeting hall, esp. of a legislative assembly. [1/6 definitions]
chapel a religious assembly, esp. at a school or military base. [1/3 definitions]
chapter an assembly of monks or of the canons of a church. [1/4 definitions]
Chautauqua (l.c.) any similar program or assembly. [1/3 definitions]
civil liberty a citizen's freedom to exercise certain rights, such as the right to free speech or free assembly, as guaranteed by the laws of a country.
concourse a large crowd or assembly. [1/5 definitions]
congregate to bring or come together to form a group or assembly; gather.
congregation an assembled group; assembly. [1/3 definitions]
congress a formal assembly or meeting of representatives from various nations, states, or other organizations. [1/7 definitions]
consistory an assembly of a governing council, esp. of a church or religious sect. [2 definitions]
Continental Congress the revolutionary assembly, made up of landed representatives of the American colonies, that met between 1774 and 1789 to work out a plan of government and adopted both the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.
convention a formal meeting or assembly called together to discuss or pursue common interests. [2/4 definitions]
convocation a meeting of people summoned together, often in a religious assembly. [1/2 definitions]