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AAA abbreviation of "American Automobile Association," an association that provides travel-related discounts and services to its members.
ABA abbreviation of "American Bar Association."
ADA abbreviation of "American Dental Association." [1/2 definitions]
AMA abbreviation of "American Medical Association."
assn. abbreviation of "association," a group of people joined together for a common purpose or by a mutual interest.
associate a thing often accompanying or in association with something else. [1/10 definitions]
associative of, pertaining to, or caused by association. [1/2 definitions]
brotherhood a fraternal or trade association. [1/4 definitions]
Bund a U.S. pro-Nazi association in the 1930s and 1940s. [2 definitions]
charter (often cap.) a document defining the principles and organizational rules of a corporate body, association, club, or the like; constitution. [1/7 definitions]
circuit an association of teams, clubs, or other groups having a common focus; league. [1/8 definitions]
close near in kinship or association. [1/24 definitions]
club a group or association of persons formed for a specific, shared purpose. [2/7 definitions]
Comecon an international trade association of communist nations (acronym for "Council for Mutual Economic Assistance").
Common Market an economic association of major western European countries mainly designed to eliminate tariffs on trade among member nations and establish uniform tariffs on goods from other countries; European Economic Community. [2 definitions]
commonwealth (cap.) a voluntary association of sovereign states with common interests, or a federation of former colonies, such as those sharing an allegiance to the British crown. [1/3 definitions]
complicit participating in wrongdoing or suspicious activity, or acting in association with those who are involved in such activities.
conference an organized grouping of athletic teams; association. [1/3 definitions]
confraternity an association or group of people united by profession or common goal. [1/2 definitions]
connect to relate or place in contact or association with. [1/4 definitions]
connection association; relationship. [1/6 definitions]