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affix to attach or join physically (usu. fol. by "to"). [2/5 definitions]
annex to add or attach, esp. to something larger. [1/4 definitions]
append to affix or attach. [1/2 definitions]
attachable combined form of attach.
barnacle any of a large group of marine crustaceans that are free-floating as larvae, but attach to submerged or intertidal surfaces such as wharves, rocks, ship bottoms, and the like, and form sharp-edged shells as adults. [1/3 definitions]
belt to attach by means of a band of flexible material. [1/11 definitions]
bolt1 to attach or secure with or as though with a bolt. [1/14 definitions]
brad to attach with brads. [1/2 definitions]
cable to attach with a cable or cables. [1/11 definitions]
chain to secure, attach, or fasten with a chain. [1/9 definitions]
cinch to attach or tighten securely. [1/6 definitions]
clad2 to bond or attach a metal to (another metal) in order to strengthen or protect it.
clevis a U-shaped piece of metal attached to a rod or chain, with a hole for a pin or bolt, and used to attach one object to another in order to pull it.
cling to stick or attach closely. [1/3 definitions]
clip2 to hold together or attach by means of a clip. [1/5 definitions]
collar to provide with or attach a collar to. [1/7 definitions]
computer virus a code inserted into a host program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs, including a computer's system.
fasten to attach, join, or affix securely to something else or in place. [1/8 definitions]
fledge to attach feathers to (an arrow). [1/4 definitions]
fuse1 to attach a detonation device to. [1/3 definitions]
garter to support or attach using a garter. [1/3 definitions]