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bid a serious attempt to attain something. [1/8 definitions]
cut one's wisdom teeth to attain maturity; arrive at an age when decisions must be made and discretion practiced.
end to arrive at or attain a final condition or goal (usu. fol. by "up"). [1/18 definitions]
inaccessible hard or impossible to reach, approach, or attain.
make (informal) to attain (a certain position or status). [1/18 definitions]
mental age an individual's mental ability, measured in terms of the chronological age at which an average person would attain that level of intelligence.
meritocracy a system in which people attain power, influence, and wealth because of their intellectual abilities rather than because of their class status or family lineage.
miss1 to fail to achieve or attain. [1/10 definitions]
passport anything that permits one to attain some goal. [1/3 definitions]
politician a person who uses questionable means to attain power within a group. [1/3 definitions]
reattain combined form of attain.
regain to reach or attain again. [1/2 definitions]
scramble an energetic or frantic struggle to attain something, or to avoid failing. [1/10 definitions]
succeed to attain what is desired or intended, or to achieve an outcome that is considered positive. [1/4 definitions]
telesis an intentional use of natural or social processes to attain chosen goals.
train to provide or undergo discipline or instruction in order to develop skills or attain proficiency. [1/12 definitions]