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becoming pleasing or attractive. [1/4 definitions]
beefcake (informal) photography of men with attractive physiques, usu. in brief garments. (Cf. cheesecake.)
catching appealing or attractive. [1/2 definitions]
catnip a downy, strongly scented plant of the mint family that is attractive to cats.
charming alluring, delightful, or very attractive.
cheesecake (informal) photography of women with attractive figures, usu. in bathing suits or other brief garments. (Cf. beefcake.) [1/2 definitions]
chrysanthemum any of various perennial plants cultivated for their attractive autumnal blooms. [1/2 definitions]
coleus any of various African or Eurasian plants of the mint family, grown for their attractive multicolored leaves.
cookie (slang) an attractive young woman. [1/4 definitions]
cute attractive or charming in a sweet or heartwarming way; darling. [2/3 definitions]
cutesy (informal) straining to be attractive, clever, or the like; affected, forced, or in questionable taste.
cutie (informal) a charming or attractive person, animal, or thing, esp. a girl or young woman.
decorate to make more attractive or interesting by adding ornamental items or designs. [1/5 definitions]
desirable having pleasing or attractive characteristics. [1/2 definitions]
dish (slang) a physically attractive person, esp. a young woman. [1/8 definitions]
drape to arrange (clothing, curtains, or other fabric) in attractive folds. [3/6 definitions]
duende (Spanish) a quality that makes one magnetically attractive to others; irresistible charm.
engaging charming; pleasing; attractive.
fetching attractive; captivating.
fly3 (slang) cool, appealing, or attractive.
freshen up to make oneself feel more comfortable or attractive, as by washing the face, combing the hair, or the like.