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angle1 in journalism, the particular way in which an article is slanted, as for a specific audience. [2/10 definitions]
aside a comment made by an actor's character on stage that is heard by the audience but not, supposedly, by other characters. [1/6 definitions]
auditorium a large room in which performances, speeches, and the like are given in front of an audience, or a building housing such a space.
backstage to or in the areas of a theater stage that are not visible to the audience, esp. the wings and dressing rooms. [3/4 definitions]
Blue Man Group a creative organization that provides performance-art theater in the form of a trio of blue-painted entertainers who incorporate such elements as food, odd props, rock music, and audience participation into their show.
box office the power of a show or its performers to attract an audience. [1/3 definitions]
cliff-hanger a dramatic production, esp. a serial, in which the audience is held in suspense at the end of each installment. [1/2 definitions]
concert a musical or dance performance before an audience; recital. [1/3 definitions]
downstage the front portion of a stage, closest to the audience or camera. [1/3 definitions]
draw something that draws an audience; attraction. [1/19 definitions]
drawing card something or someone, such as a well-known entertainer, that attracts a large audience, patronage, or the like.
durbar an official reception or public audience by an Indian prince or British governor, or the hall in which the reception is held. [1/2 definitions]
encore once more; again (as a call by an audience for a continuation of a performance). [3 definitions]
epilogue a short speech delivered to the audience at the end of a play by one of the cast. [1/2 definitions]
gladiator a man in ancient Rome who fought, often to the death and usu. under compulsion, for the amusement of an audience. [1/3 definitions]
happening a performance or drama that develops spontaneously and involves audience participation. [1/2 definitions]
hear to give formal audience to, esp. in a court of law. [1/8 definitions]
hokum in a dramatic or written work, crude, trite, or mawkish material intended to arouse an emotional response from the audience or reader. [1/2 definitions]
host1 a person who presides over a large gathering and often performs the function of introducing people to an audience; master of ceremonies. [1/5 definitions]
house the audience at a public event. [1/12 definitions]
houselights the lights illuminating that part of a theater or auditorium in which the audience is seated.