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automate to use or adopt a system that uses automatic devices. [1/3 definitions]
automatic pilot (informal) a condition of functioning as if set on automatic pilot. [1/2 definitions]
automatism the condition or quality of being automatic. [2 definitions]
autonomic occurring or acting involuntarily or independently; automatic. [1/3 definitions]
autopilot shortened form of "automatic pilot."
cartridge clip a metal container or frame used to hold and load cartridges into an automatic rifle or pistol; clip.
COLA an adjustment in wages or payments, or an automatic schedule of such adjustments, based on changes in the cost of living (acronym for "cost of living adjustment").
counter2 a manual or automatic device for keeping count of something. [1/2 definitions]
indexation the automatic adjustment of wages, prices, interest rates, or other economic factors to a cost-of-living index.
inertial guidance guidance of a missile, spacecraft, submarine, or the like by means of a self-contained automatic system that measures and adjusts speed and direction to maintain a predetermined course.
involuntary not subject to conscious control; unconscious or automatic. [1/2 definitions]
knee-jerk (informal) characterized by or responding in an automatic, predictable way.
Luger trademark for an automatic pistol manufactured in Germany.
M-16 the basic U.S. military rifle used in the Vietnam War, which is fully automatic and uses small-caliber, high-velocity ammunition.
machine gun an automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession as long as its trigger is pressed.
machine tool an automatic or semiautomatic power-driven tool, such as a punch press, lathe, or drill, used to cut or shape metal in the manufacturing of machines and machine parts.
magazine the part of an automatic weapon that holds its ammunition. [1/3 definitions]
mechanical acting or performing like a machine or without human intervention; automatic. [1/8 definitions]
mechanics the technical or automatic aspects or parts of a thing or activity; mechanism or routine. [1/3 definitions]
mechanism automatic or habitual behavior or response, esp. elaborated patterns of self-protective thought and feeling. [1/4 definitions]
mechanistic automatic or routine; mechanical. [1/3 definitions]