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Academy Award an award given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for achievement in motion picture production and performance, also called an Oscar.
accolade an expression or mark of approval; honor; award.
adjudge to award by judicial procedure. [1/3 definitions]
awardable combined form of award.
bestow to give, as a gift or award (usu. fol. by "on" or "upon"). [1/2 definitions]
citation an award for praiseworthy action. [1/3 definitions]
commendation something, esp. an award, that confers honor or distinction. [1/2 definitions]
commission to award a commission to (someone) as a military officer. [1/9 definitions]
confer to award or bestow. [1/2 definitions]
conferee one on whom an honor or award has been bestowed or conferred. [1/2 definitions]
contest a competition, as for an award, that matches rival abilities, performances, qualities, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
dub1 to award the title of knight to by tapping or striking lightly on the shoulder, usu. with a sword. [1/2 definitions]
gold medal the award for winning first place in an Olympic or other competition, with silver and bronze medals going to second and third place winners.
honor a special mark of distinction, such as an award. [1/12 definitions]
honorable mention recognition for one whose work or part in a competition was noteworthy, but not award-winning.
honoree one who is given an honor, award, or the like.
Jesús Hernández Cuban journalist, founder of the independent news agency, Cooperativa Avileña de Periodistas Independientes (CAPI), and recipient of the 1999 International Press Freedom Award (b. 1974).
laureate one honored for achievement in a particular field or by a particular award, esp. in the arts or sciences. [1/3 definitions]
medal a flat piece of metal, in varying shapes and with an appropriate design or inscription stamped on it, used as an award or as a commemorative or religious object.
medalist one who has received a medal as an award. [1/3 definitions]
Oscar see Academy Award. [2 definitions]