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ablactation the act or process of weaning a baby.
babe a recently born or very young person; baby. [1/3 definitions]
baby suitable for a baby. [1/11 definitions]
baby carriage a small, four-wheeled carriage used to push a baby around in; perambulator.
bambino an infant or baby. [1/2 definitions]
breast-feed to feed (a baby) milk from a breast; suckle; nurse. [1/2 definitions]
buggy1 a baby carriage. [1/3 definitions]
burble to speak like a baby. [1/3 definitions]
changeling a baby secretly substituted for another.
child a young human; baby. [1/5 definitions]
coddle to treat with indulgence, as one would treat an invalid or baby; pamper. [1/2 definitions]
crow2 to make any nonverbal sounds indicating delight, as a baby. [1/4 definitions]
doll a small figure, often made of plastic or cloth, of a baby, child, or other person, used esp. as a child's toy. [1/3 definitions]
dry nurse a woman employed to care for another's baby but not to breast-feed it. (Cf. wet nurse.)
dry-nurse to care for (another's baby) without breast-feeding it. (Cf. wet-nurse.)
Generation X the generation following the post-WWII baby boom, esp. those born in the U.S. and Canada in the 1960s and 1970s.
nurse to breast-feed (a baby). [1/11 definitions]
nursling a suckling baby or young animal. [1/2 definitions]
Pablum trademark for a smooth, bland baby cereal. [1/2 definitions]
papoose a North American Indian baby or young child.
perambulator a baby carriage or stroller.