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badlands a barren region characterized by rock that has eroded into unusual shapes.
bleak1 cold, windswept, or barren. [1/2 definitions]
desert1 any barren place with little natural life; wasteland. [1/5 definitions]
desolate without those things necessary or desirable for life; bleak; barren. [2/6 definitions]
hungry lacking in nutrients; not fertile; barren. [1/5 definitions]
infertile of land, not fertile or productive; barren. [1/2 definitions]
inhospitable of a place or climate, not offering shelter or a favorable condition or aspect; barren; forbidding. [1/2 definitions]
no man's land a tract of usu. barren land of unknown ownership. [1/3 definitions]
sterile lacking or nearly devoid of vegetation; barren. [1/4 definitions]
void containing nothing; barren; empty. [1/11 definitions]
wasteland land that is barren or unsuitable for vegetation. [1/2 definitions]