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account ground or reason for carrying out some action; basis. [1/15 definitions]
actuary a person who calculates insurance rates, risks, and dividends on the basis of statistical probabilities.
ageism discrimination on the basis of age, esp. against the elderly or middle-aged.
a leg to stand on a valid or convincing basis for a point of view.
award to give on the basis of a legal decision, as a damage payment or the like. [1/4 definitions]
axiom in mathematics, a statement, often one regarded as obvious, that is accepted without proof as a basis for proving other statements; postulate. [1/2 definitions]
base1 to establish or construct (something new) on a particular basis or foundation that already exists. [1/7 definitions]
baseless without basis in fact or reason; unfounded.
bases1 pl. of basis.
basic of, forming, or at the base or basis. [1/4 definitions]
bear2 one who believes that prices will fall in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who sells on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bull1.) [1/5 definitions]
bench show a competitive show of dogs or cats in which prizes are awarded on the basis of greatest conformity to ideal standards for a given breed.
bugbear something that causes fear, esp. fear that is exaggerated or without basis.
bull1 one who believes that prices will rise in a particular market such as the stock market, esp. one who buys on the basis of this expectation. (Cf. bear2.) [1/9 definitions]
cause in law, a basis for legal action. [1/5 definitions]
cause of action in law, the facts cited in a complaint, on the basis of which a court case is filed.
chi2 vital energy that, according to Taoist and other Chinese philosophies, is inherent in all things and whose free and balanced flow around the body is the basis of good health.
churchgoer one who attends church, esp. on a regular basis.
civil service a system of awarding government jobs on the basis of competitive examinations, rather than by appointment or election. [1/3 definitions]
clan among the Scottish Highlanders, a traditional basis of social organization, composed of a group of families claiming a common hereditary ancestor. [1/3 definitions]
coast to proceed without straining one's resources or talent, as on the basis of one's reputation. [1/7 definitions]