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beggarly extremely poor or unkempt; like a beggar. [1/2 definitions]
beggary the state of being a beggar; extreme poverty. [1/3 definitions]
cant1 singsong, monotonous speech, esp. the repeating of ritualized phrases, as by a beggar. [1/6 definitions]
fakir a wandering beggar of the Muslim or Hindu religion, esp. one who performs remarkable feats such as lying on a bed of nails.
Lazarus according to the New Testament, the diseased beggar whose reward is heaven in the parable of the rich man and the beggar. [1/2 definitions]
mendicancy the condition of being a beggar. [1/2 definitions]
mendicant one who lives by soliciting charity; beggar. [1/4 definitions]
vagrant in law, a person who has no obvious means of support and is therefore viewed as a public nuisance; beggar. [1/5 definitions]