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approach to begin to address. [1/9 definitions]
attack to begin to inflict harm upon. [2/8 definitions]
began past tense of begin.
beget to generate (offspring); cause to begin life, esp. to father. [1/2 definitions]
begun past participle of begin.
bite to begin or proceed to eat. [1/18 definitions]
budge to change or begin to change position slightly (usu. used negatively). [2/4 definitions]
catch to begin to burn. [1/18 definitions]
cockcrow the time when roosters begin to crow; dawn or daybreak.
commence to begin or have a beginning; start.
conceive to begin or originate. [1/6 definitions]
conditional in grammar, expressing a condition, as by the use of the word "if" to begin a clause. [1/2 definitions]
continue to begin again after a pause or interruption. [2/7 definitions]
crank up (informal) to get prepared or begin. [1/2 definitions]
dawn to start to grow; begin to develop. [1/5 definitions]
embark to board a ship, esp. to begin a voyage. [2/4 definitions]
enter to begin; embark (usu. fol. by "upon"). [1/11 definitions]
get to cause (someone or something) to begin the doing of something. [2/17 definitions]
get off the ground to launch or begin something successfully.
get the show on the road (slang) to begin; get started.
giddyap a usu. shouted command urging a horse to begin moving or increase speed.