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Adventist an adherent of any of several Christian denominations that believe in the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ.
convincing able to make one believe in the validity or truth of what is being presented.
devil's advocate someone who may not believe in but defends an opposing, weak, or unpopular cause to stimulate argument. [1/2 definitions]
disbelieve to refuse to believe in; withhold belief from. [1/2 definitions]
expect to hope for or look forward to with some reason to believe in fulfillment. [1/6 definitions]
infidel one who does not believe in or accept a religious faith, esp. that of Christianity or Islam. [1/2 definitions]
mislead to cause (someone) to believe in something false or to make a wrong choice. [1/2 definitions]
suspect to believe in the possible guilt of (someone) without knowing all the facts. [2/7 definitions]
Trinitarian believing or claiming to believe in this doctrine. [1/4 definitions]
trust to believe in the honesty of something or someone. [1/14 definitions]