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bellied having a belly of a particular kind (used in combination).
bellyband a girth or cinch around the belly of an animal, such as the band used to hold a saddle on a horse.
belly-flop a dive, usu. done accidentally, in which most of the impact is taken by the diver's belly hitting flat against the water's surface. [3 definitions]
blackbuck a long-horned antelope native to India that has a brownish black back and a white belly.
gut (informal) the abdomen; belly. [1/11 definitions]
minke whale a small, fast-moving whale having furrows on its light belly and throat and a dorsal fin.
mud snake a bluish black burrowing snake of the southeastern United States, having a red belly and a nonpoisonous spine at the tip of the tail.
paunch the belly or abdomen, esp. a large protruding belly.
salt pork pork fat with little meat that is taken from the back, sides, or belly of a pig and cured in salt.
stomach the front part of the torso below the chest; belly; abdomen. [1/6 definitions]
ventral of, pertaining to, or situated on or near the belly; abdominal. [1/2 definitions]
yellowthroat a small American warbler with a yellow throat, a white belly, an olive-brown back, and on the male, a black mask.