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assembly line a set-up in a factory whereby a product being put together passes, in moving along a track, conveyor belt, or the like, a succession of stations with workers, each of whom adds, adjusts, or secures apart to the whole.
baldric a belt, often decorated, that is worn over the shoulder and diagonally across the body to carry a sword or bugle.
bandoleer a shoulder belt with loops or pouches for ammunition.
band saw a power saw consisting of an endless metal belt, with teeth along one edge, that runs between two pulleys.
belt to furnish, mark, or encircle with or as if with a belt, band, or line. [2/11 definitions]
belted made with or having a belt. [1/2 definitions]
beltless combined form of belt.
black belt a region in the southeastern United States with a belt of rich black soil suited to growing cotton. [1/3 definitions]
buckle a fastener, usu. made of metal, that is used to join two ends, as of a belt. [1/9 definitions]
bush jacket a hip-length coat made of cotton, usu. having several buttoned pockets and a belt.
cestus1 in ancient times, a belt or girdle worn by a woman.
cincture a belt, band, or girdle. [2/3 definitions]
conveyor a mechanical device, such as a continuous chain or belt, used to convey materials from one place to another. [1/2 definitions]
conveyor belt a continuous moving belt used to carry materials placed upon it.
doldrums the ocean belt near the equator, characterized by calms and light, variable winds, or the characteristic weather of this region. [1/2 definitions]
escalator a moving stairway that operates on a belt mechanism to carry people between floors, as of a department store, airport, or train station.
fan belt in an automobile engine, a rubber belt stretched firmly around the crankshaft, which transfers torque to another shaft located on the cooling fan.
gird to surround, bind, or encircle, as with a belt. [1/3 definitions]
girdle something worn about the waist, such as a belt or sash. [1/7 definitions]
holster a case for a small handgun, pistol, or tool, usu. made of leather and attached to a belt.
lanyard a cord or rope used to suspend small objects, such as a whistle, knife, or key from the neck, shoulder, or belt. [1/4 definitions]