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akimbo with knees bent. [1/2 definitions]
arabesque a ballet position in which the dancer stands on one leg and extends the other backward with a straight knee, with the body slightly bent and the arms in extended positions. [1/4 definitions]
arcuate curved or bent like a bow; arched.
arcuation the state of being curved, arched, or bent like a bow. [1/3 definitions]
bend the condition of being bent. [1/10 definitions]
bent2 any of several low-growing grasses, some of which are used for lawns or for hay; bent grass. [1/2 definitions]
bentwood wood that has been steamed and bent, used in furniture. [1/2 definitions]
bibcock a faucet with a downward-bent nozzle.
bow2 a curved or bent shape, or something having this shape. [2/7 definitions]
corrugate to shape or bend or become shaped or bent into parallel, wavelike ridges and grooves. [2 definitions]
crook something bent, curved, or hooked. [1/5 definitions]
crooked bent, curved, or twisting. [1/2 definitions]
crowbar a heavy steel bar or rod, often with a flattened and bent end, that is designed to be used as a lever.
curvature the condition of being curved or bent. [1/3 definitions]
dog-ear a bent or folded corner of a page in a book. [1/2 definitions]
dogleg something bent at a sharp angle, esp. a road or a golf fairway with a sharp curve. [1/2 definitions]
elbow anything shaped or bent like this joint. [1/6 definitions]
ell something shaped or bent like the letter L, esp. a section of pipe (See elbow). [1/2 definitions]
flection the act of bending or flexing, or the condition of being bent or flexed. [2/4 definitions]
flexibility the capability of bending easily, or being bent easily, and not breaking.
flexible easily bent or able to bend without breaking; pliable. [1/3 definitions]