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double-cross (informal) to betray or cheat by acting contrary to a previous agreement.
fifth column a clandestine, subversive group working within its native country to betray it to an enemy force or nation.
give away to expose a secret or crime of; betray. [1/4 definitions]
let down to betray or forsake. [1/3 definitions]
play someone false to betray or deceive someone.
rat (slang) to betray or inform on one's associates. [1/4 definitions]
sell out to betray one's associates or principles. [1/2 definitions]
shaft (slang) to treat unfairly or harshly; betray. [1/11 definitions]
tattle on to betray (someone) by disclosing misbehavior, secrets, or the like to another; tell on.
treacherous betraying or likely to betray trust; traitorous; faithless. [1/2 definitions]