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adaptation in biology, a change in an organism, over time, that better enables it to survive and multiply. [1/3 definitions]
ahead into a relatively better situation. [1/6 definitions]
ameliorate to make better; improve. [2 definitions]
amend to make better or make right; improve; rectify. [2/3 definitions]
best to get the better of; defeat. [1/11 definitions]
betterment the act or result of making something better; improvement. [1/2 definitions]
blasť unstimulated or unimpressed, usu. due to a feeling that one has already experienced more or better.
box seat a seat in a box, usu. offering a better view and some privacy, in a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like.
brain drain (informal) the loss of professional or intellectual persons from one country or company to another that offers better pay, opportunities, or advantages.
build a better mousetrap to invent or make a better product, esp. better than an old familiar one.
cap1 to outdo or surpass; better. [1/9 definitions]
closet drama a play better read than performed.
consciousness-raising in group therapy, a process of increasing one's self-knowledge so as to better achieve one's potential. [1/2 definitions]
emulate to try to be the same as or better than (another person), esp. by imitating.
emulation the process of trying to be the same as or better than another, esp. by imitating.
evolution a gradual process of change and development that something goes through, usu. becoming more complex and sometimes better. [1/3 definitions]
exceed to do better than; surpass. [1/3 definitions]
excel to do or perform better than others; surpass others. [1/2 definitions]
extra better than is expected or usual. [1/7 definitions]
good better than the average. [1/24 definitions]
head and shoulders above far better than or superior to.