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affinity a similarity between biological species that suggests a common origin. [1/5 definitions]
animal magnetism an internal biological force supposed by Franz Mesmer to induce hypnotism in others; biomagnetism.
antitoxin an antibody formed in the body to counteract a specific biological poison. [1/2 definitions]
atavism the reappearance of a biological characteristic in an organism after it has not appeared for several generations, or an organism displaying such a characteristic. [1/2 definitions]
auricle any biological part shaped like an ear. [1/3 definitions]
bilayer biological material composed of two layers of molecules, such as lipids in a cell membrane.
bioelectricity the scientific study of biological electric currents and fields and of the effects of external electromagnetic forces on biological systems.
bioengineering the application of engineering principles and technology to medical and biological problems, such as the modification of genes.
biohazard a biological substance or condition that endangers human life or health.
biomagnetism the scientific study of the effects of magnetic forces on biological systems.
biometrics (used with a sing. verb) the mathematical and statistical analysis of biological data.
bionics (used with a sing. verb) the application of biological functions and mechanisms to the study and design of engineering devices and systems.
biophysics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of biology in which the principles and methods of physics are applied to the study of biological forms and processes.
biorhythm an inherent rhythm or cycle in a biological function or process. [1/2 definitions]
body clock (non-technical) a cluster of cells in the hypothalamus lobe of the brain that controls Circadian rhythm, esp. the regulation of such biological functions as eating and sleeping. [1/2 definitions]
botany the branch of biological science that deals with the classification and study of plants. [2/4 definitions]
carp2 any of several fishes of the same biological family, such as the goldfish. [1/2 definitions]
Charles Darwin an English naturalist and writer who developed theories of biological evolution (b.1809--d.1882).
contraceptive of, used for, or designed for the prevention of biological conception. [2 definitions]
cybernetics (used with a sing. verb) the science concerned with biological control and communication processes and their imitation by mechanical and electronic devices.
descendant one regarded as the biological offspring of a given ancestor or ancestors. [1/3 definitions]