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anuresis partial or total failure of the kidneys to produce and secrete urine, or blockage which inhibits normal urine excretion.
backup an accumulation or overflow caused by a blockage. [1/4 definitions]
cirrhosis a chronic, often fatal, disease of the liver in which excessive tissue is formed resulting in blockage of circulation.
clog a blockage or impediment to motion, such as a weight attached to an animal's leg. [1/7 definitions]
comedo a blockage of dirt and secretions in a skin duct; blackhead.
coronary thrombosis the blockage of a coronary artery by a blood clot.
detour a departure from the direct course, esp. a temporary route established to avoid road blockage or repair. [1/4 definitions]
eclipse any blockage of light. [1/6 definitions]
ischemia a localized stoppage of blood supply caused by a blockage in the bloodstream.
logjam any similar blockage, such as a deadlock or impasse in negotiations. [1/2 definitions]
unstop to remove a blockage from; open. [1/2 definitions]
volvulus an abnormal torsion or twisting of the intestine that causes blockage.