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blotch a large, irregularly shaped stain or blot. [1/4 definitions]
blotter a piece of absorbent paper used to blot ink or to protect a writing surface. [1/2 definitions]
blotting paper a soft thick absorbent paper used to blot excess ink from a piece of writing; blotter.
deface to erase, blot out, or otherwise obliterate; make indistinct, illegible, or valueless. [1/2 definitions]
smudge a dirty blot or mark; smear; stain. [1/6 definitions]
spot a mark, such as a stain, or something like a stain, that is different in color from the area surrounding it; blot. [1/13 definitions]
stain a tarnish or blot upon one's reputation, virtue, or moral purity; stigma. [1/9 definitions]