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adrift not anchored, as a boat; drifting. [2/4 definitions]
afloat floating on a boat or other vessel. [1/6 definitions]
anchor a heavy device, connected by a cable to a boat or ship, that is dropped to the bottom of a body of water to restrict the vessel's motion. [1/7 definitions]
ark (sometimes cap.) according to the Old Testament, a large boat built by Noah to preserve life during the Flood. [1/4 definitions]
astern behind a boat or aircraft. [2 definitions]
backwash in nautical terminology, water that an oar, propeller, or the like pushes toward the rear of a boat. [1/4 definitions]
bail3 to remove (water) from a boat by scooping and emptying with a container. [3/4 definitions]
ballast heavy material placed in the hold of a boat or ship to make it more stable. [1/4 definitions]
barge a large, long, flat-bottomed boat that is used for carrying freight. [3/4 definitions]
beach to pull or drive (a boat or other object) from the water onto the beach or shore. [1/2 definitions]
boat to travel in a boat. [2/4 definitions]
boating an act, instance, or process of using a boat for pleasure, as in rowing, canoeing, or sailing. [1/2 definitions]
boatload the load of passengers or cargo that a boat can or does carry.
bow3 the front part of a ship or boat. [1/3 definitions]
bowman2 the person who handles the oar closest to the bow of a boat.
by water by way of a boat or ship.
cabin cruiser a power-driven boat with a cabin so equipped that passengers can wash, cook, and sleep on board.
canoe a narrow, open boat with curved sides and pointed ends, usu. propelled by paddle. [1/3 definitions]
carry the land between two bodies of water that necessitates carrying a boat or canoe. [1/16 definitions]
catamaran a boat, usu. a sailboat, with parallel twin hulls.
caulk to seal against leakage of water or air, esp. by filling in cracks, as in the seams of a boat or the joints of a pipe.