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achievement something successfully carried through, esp. through bold or brave action or thought. [1/2 definitions]
art deco (sometimes cap.) a decorative style of the 1920s and 1930s that featured geometric shapes and bold colors and that was applied to furniture, glass and plastic ware, graphic productions, architecture, and the like.
audacious very bold or adventurous; daring. [1/2 definitions]
audacity bold or shameless impudence; brashness; insolence; effrontery. [1/3 definitions]
bald-faced bold; brazen; shameless.
baroque (often cap.) of or pertaining to the style or period in art, music, and architecture prevailing in Europe following the Renaissance, from about 1550 to about 1750, characterized by bold and elaborate forms of ornamentation. [1/5 definitions]
brash rudely self-assertive; bold; impudent. [1/2 definitions]
brassy1 brazenly bold; impudent; insolent. [1/4 definitions]
brazen shameless; bold. [2/3 definitions]
cut the Gordian knot to solve a difficult problem in a rapid, bold manner.
daredevil recklessly daring or bold. [1/2 definitions]
daring willing to take risks; adventurously bold. [1/4 definitions]
dash a quality of liveliness, spiritedness, or bold stylishness. [1/12 definitions]
dashing bold and gallant; exciting; daring. [1/2 definitions]
defiant characterized by a bold disregard or contempt for authority or opposition; refusing to obey.
embolden to make bold; encourage.
emphatic clearly delineated; bold in outline. [1/3 definitions]
enterprising bold, energetic, and full of initiative.
fauvism (sometimes cap.) in early twentieth-century painting, an expressionistic development, esp. French, involving the juxtaposition of different bold colors and sometimes the distortion of form.
foolhardy unreasonably bold or daring; rash.
forward bold or presumptuous. [1/13 definitions]