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attachment a bond that gives one fondness for or loyalty to a person, place, thing, or idea. [1/6 definitions]
bond to join together, as in a bond. [1/6 definitions]
bondable combined form of bond.
bonded of goods subject to government duty, placed under bond, as in a warehouse. [1/3 definitions]
bondholder one who holds or owns bonds; one who receives payment of interest on a bond or bonds.
bondman a male bound as a slave or serf; bond servant.
bond paper a high-grade paper with some proportion of rag content, used for stationery and documents; bond.
bondwoman a female bond servant.
cement to bond or glue with, or as if with, cement. [1/6 definitions]
chelate to form a ring compound by forming at least one hydrogen bond. [1/7 definitions]
clad2 to bond or attach a metal to (another metal) in order to strengthen or protect it.
coupon one of several dated certificates that can be detached periodically from a bond to claim interest. [1/3 definitions]
covalence covalent bond. [1/2 definitions]
covalent bond the chemical bond between two atoms, each of which supplies one half of each pair of shared electrons; covalence.
debenture a corporate or government bond that pays fixed interest and that is backed by the issuer's credit status. [1/2 definitions]
dissolution the annulment or severance of a bond or tie, esp. a formal or contractual connection. [1/5 definitions]
electronegative having the ability to attract electrons in order to form a chemical bond. [1/2 definitions]
electropositive tending to form a chemical bond by releasing electrons. [1/2 definitions]
escrow a bond or deed, money, property, or the like put into the keeping of a third party for delivery to the intended receiver after specified conditions have been met.
junk bond a low-rated, high-yield corporate bond, often issued to finance the takeover of a company.
link any bond or connection. [1/6 definitions]