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ampulla a round bottle with two handles, used by the ancient Romans for wine, oil, or perfume. [1/2 definitions]
bottle formula or cow's milk fed to infants in place of mother's milk, usu. contained in a bottle fitted with a nipple. [2/4 definitions]
bottleneck a style of guitar playing in which the neck of a bottle or a metal tube is slid up and down the strings. [1/4 definitions]
bottlenose any of various marine mammals with a bottle-shaped nose, esp. dolphins.
bottletree any of various trees native to Australia that have a swollen, bottle-shaped trunk.
brew (chiefly American: informal) a bottle or glass of beer or ale. [1/9 definitions]
BYOB abbreviation of "bring your own bottle." [1/2 definitions]
calabash an implement, such as a drum, rattle, or bottle, made from the calabash gourd. [1/2 definitions]
cap1 a cover resembling a cap in shape, use, or placement, such as the cap on a bottle or tube. [1/9 definitions]
capful the amount that the cap of a bottle will hold.
carafe a bottle, often flared at the mouth, for serving water, wine, and the like.
carboy a large bottle, usu. made of glass and surrounded by a protective framework of wood or basketry, used esp. to store and carry corrosive fluids.
cork a tightfitting bottle stopper or other object made of this bark. [2/6 definitions]
cruet a small glass bottle, usu. having a stopper, made to hold condiments such as vinegar at the table.
decant to pour from one bottle or other container to another. [1/2 definitions]
decanter a stoppered, decorative glass bottle for serving wine, brandy, or the like.
demijohn a large, narrow-necked glass or earthenware bottle that is enclosed in wickerwork.
drink a certain quantity of an alcoholic beverage, esp. that contained in a standard-sized glass or bottle. [1/12 definitions]
flacon a small, stoppered flask or bottle.
flagon a large wine or liquor bottle. [1/2 definitions]
flask a rounded or cone-shaped bottle with a narrow neck that sometimes widens at the top, often with a fitted top or stopper. [2 definitions]